Pennsylvania Tax Credit Program

Support Logos Academy Harrisburg with Tax Credits! 

The Pennsylvania Tax Credit Programs (EITC/OSTC) gives eligible businesses and individuals the ability to redirect their
taxes to be turned into scholarships for low- and mid-income students to attend the school of their choice. As a Pennsylvania taxpayer, EITC is a great way for you to receive a 90% state tax credit and have that money go
directly to Logos Academy Harrisburg to benefit our students.



Individuals or couples with a minimum tax liability of $3,500 may now join a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) that allows personal tax liabilities to ow through the SPE into a scholarship fund, with 100% of the dollars going to Logos Academy Harrisburg scholarships.

Logos Academy Harrisburg has partnered with the Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund, a special purpose entity (SPE), to facilitate Logos Academy’s EITC program.

If your business pays taxes in Pennsylvania you can take advantage of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit or Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit programs offered by the State to impact education. Applying is easy, but the program has strict enrollment deadlines and is very competitive. We can help you through the process.


  • Pennsylvania tax credit for up to 90% of the SPE commitment.
  • A federal charitable tax deduction for a portion of the commitment amount.

How it Works

  1. Sign a simple one-page joinder form and send it to Logos Academy Harrisburg. We will send your joinder to CPSF for you!
  2. Receive an invoice from CPSF and make your payment.
  3. Receive a receipt when CPSF forwards your donation to Logos Academy Harrisburg.
  4. Receive your K-1 Form from CPSF for your taxes and receive a 90% credit from Pennsylvania when you file.


Andy Phillips, Founding CEO
(717) 412-0069
[email protected]


Thank you to Logos Academy York and CPSF for the informative video below.