A School that Defies Logic

Every organization has its challenges. Operating a school such as Logos Academy Harrisburg (New City School) is no exception, and in many ways, those challenges are complicated by our unique tuition model. We give away over $100,000 a year in scholarships because we are committed to providing a quality private school education to all students, regardless of their ability to pay. This is wonderful, but at times it presents quite a funding challenge. On paper, it doesn’t appear that we should be viable, yet we are. How do we do it?

Unique and Special

A family that visited us last week reminded me that our model works because we are unique and special. “We heard about your school and we did not believe it—we had to come and see for ourselves,” they commented. “We could not believe that a school exists that is affordable, has small classes, and is so very warm and welcoming.”

Another mom and dad whose son has attended Logos Harrisburg for more than a year recently demonstrated how committed they are to keeping their son here at school. They’d like to find new housing, but because of transportation limitations, they’re only considering homes that are close by so their son can remain at our school. For these parents and many others, we are definitely making a difference. So what makes us viable? What is the key to this model that defies logic?

You are Central to our Success

 The answer is You! Generous and dependable donors like you make our unique and special school viable. When paired with loving, mission-driven teachers and staff; trusting, grateful, and involved parents; a church host that has a heart for the vulnerable; and a sovereign God who blesses this space daily with peace and grace, our donors help make this school a place that offers hope and a future. You help fill a desperate need in the Harrisburg community.

Logos Harrisburg must continue to flourish for families like those mentioned and two dozen others who count on us to provide not only a high-quality education of intellect and character but a counter-cultural warm and safe environment.

How You Can Give

The possibilities for you to come alongside Logos Harrisburg are endless. As you get a glimpse of how unique and special we are, why not commit to partnering with us? Here are three specific ways that you might join in:

  • Sponsor a kindergarten student. For $500 a month or a one-time gift of $6,000, you can scholarship one of our six full-scholarship kindergarten students whose family’s income is well below the poverty line.
  • Sponsor a preschool student for $250 a month or a one-time gift of $3000.
  • Our inaugural kindergarten class will graduate in 2031. Why not join our “Class of 2031” and become one of 31 investors who commit to $20 dollars a month for a year to scholarship a kindergarten student?