Invest in New City School

Your investment of time and resources is necessary to open our doors this September. Would you consider investing in one of the following ways?

preschool-scenery-2-1565830Assist with room preparation. After a good start at the beginning of the month organizing materials and determining needed supplies and furnishings we are ready for the next step. On Saturday morning July 31, we need your help to clean, assemble shelves, and to put carpeting and equipment in place. Can you join us for an hour or two between 8 am and noon? Contact Amy to let us know you are coming.

Host a home gathering. Many in Harrisburg and the surrounding communities share our concern and commitment to high-quality education opportunities for the city, particularly for those underserved households. Are you willing to open your home to your neighbors and friends for an hour so that they can hear about New City School? Contact Andy to learn more or to schedule a home gathering.

Sponsor a student. The cost to educate a student is $2,000. We are committed to offering this program free of charge to the families that need it most. Would you consider covering the cost to educate a student for a week ($50), a month ($200) or for the year ($2,000).